Monday, February 13, 2006

Of frogs and merlot

I've gotten nothing at all done on clappy in the past 2 days. In fact, I'm even less far along because I had to frog a few rows tonight. Sat down to knit after the big birthday dinner for my boys, with 2, maybe 3 glasses of merlot on board, and oops, dropped a stitch right at the beginning of the row. Dropped somewhere amidst the yo's or pfbs and there was no way I was going to get it figured out, so I frogged 2 rows. It looks decent again, but no more knitting for me tonight.
It was Mahlon and Liam's birthday yesterday. We celebrated today because Mahlon worked yesterday. Liam is the big 5, and he is now manic on too much Hot Wheels birthday cake and plastic toys. We are inundated with airplanes, little teeny cars with even teenier road signs, and still more Thomas trains. I feel like major Bad Mommy - no kid party for my son's 5th birthday, but he seemed to be happy with just us and our friend Paul.
Got thru run 2 of Week 5 in the Cool Running's Couch to 5K that I've been doing! Felt great, even tacked on an extra 4 minutes of running. Wednesday's run is a solid 20 minutes tho' with no walking and I'm petrified.


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